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Year 1 Term 1.1

Year 1 Term 1.1
Art & Design 1.1 - Painting
1) Name the primary colours.
2) Which primary colours make orange?
3) What does shading mean?
4) Which artist was famous for his concentric circles?
5) Which artist was famous for squares and rectangles painted in primary colour with thick and thin black lines?

RE 1.1 Hinduism - Signs and symbols
1) Who helped Ram and Lakshman find Sita?
2) Why is Diwali also known as the festival of lights?
3) Name a Hindu Sign

Technology 1.1 - 3D Fantasy bedroom
1) Name key furniture in a house
2) What is a fantasy bedroom?
3) Name the tools they are using

History 1.1 - Being me
1) What does chronological order mean?
2) What is a timeline?
3) What is a family tree?

Geography 1.1 - Human and physical features of surrounding area
1) What are the points on a compass?
2) Where are we located in the world?
3) What are the local amenities in Rushey Mead?

Computing systems and networks (technology around us) and creating media - digital painting
1) What does the word technology mean?
2) The three main parts of a computer are called...
3) How can you keep work that you have created on a computer so you can add to it another day?
4) An example of using technology responsibly is...

Year 2 Term 1.1

Year 2 Term 1.1
Art & Design 1.1 - Printing
1) What is the difference between Art and Design and Technology?
2) Which artist presented pictures of buildings using colourful squares and rectangles?
3) Which artist's designs began to be used for wallpaper during Victorian times and are still popular today?
4) What can you use to print something?

History 1.1 - How inventions and new discoveries changed how people lived.
1) What are the Wright Brothers famous for?
2) Which of these people achieved a historic first?
3) Who introduced the old world to the new world?
4) Who was the first women to fly across the Atlantic?

Religious Education 1.1 - Hinduism, religious leaders through stories
1) Which festival do Hindus celebrate for is 9 days?
2) Which animal head does Lord Ganesh have as his head?
3) What is Lakshmi the goddess of?
4) Which god has snakes around his neck and carries a trishul?

Computing 1.1 - IT Around Us
1) What is information technology?
2) What does a barcode contain?
3) Jessica is breaking a rule that we use to keep us safe, which rule is she breaking?
Herrick Primary School
4) It's important to have a 'balanced digital diet'. How could you do this?

Year 3 Term 1.1

Year 3 Term 1.1
Art 1.1 - Egyptian amulets
1) What is an amulet?
2) What was a popular Ancient Egyptian amulet?
3) What does mouldable mean?
4) Do people believe in and wear amulets now?

History 1.1 - Ancient Egyptians
1) What was the significance of the Sphinx in Egyptian times?
2) What was the purpose of a pyramid? find Sita?
3) Who cracked the Rosetta stone to help us read hieroglyphics?
4) What is an artefact?

Geography 1.1 - Study weather patterns around the world
1) What is the weather like in the Polar region?
2) What is the weather like in the Rainforest region?
3) What is the weather like in the Desert region?
4) What is a monsoon?
5) What is 0 degrees?

Computing 1.1 - Connecting computers
1) Digital devices must have...
2) Which of these is an input device?
3) What does a network switch do?
4) Why is it a good idea to save work on a server?
5) Which of these lets you connect a wireless device to a network?

Year 4 Term 1.1

Year 4 Term 1.1
Religious Education 1.1 - Hinduism
1) What does reincarnation mean?
2) Why is the River Ganges special to Hindus?
3) Name three key features of a Hindu Mandir.
4) What is burned to make the temple feel special?
5) What animal is Ganesha represented as?
Art and Design 1.1 - Drawing and mixed media
1) Which type of flowers did a Dutch painter paint that are now world famous?
2) What does the word perspective mean?
3) When did Van Gogh's work become famous?

Technology 1.1 - Bread snacks
1) What is yeast?
2) Why is yeast an essential ingredient in baking bread?
3) What hygiene routines should you go through before making food?
4) Name 3 types of bread.
5) What does a recipe do?

Geography 1.1 - Water cycle and the journey of a river
1) What are the main features of the water cycle?
2) What are the keywords that describe the journey of a river?
3) What is the chemical formula for water?
4) Which two countries does the English Channel separate?

Computing 1.1 - The Internet
1) The internet is...
2) The internet is connected by lots of...
3) The website domain .com is...
4) Which of these is not a web browser?
5) Who owns video content on Youtube? The person who...

Year 5 Term 1.1

Year 5 Term 1.1
Religious Education 1.1 - Judaism
1) Who gave the Jewish people the Torah?
2) Who founded the Jewish faith?
3) Where is the holy place for Jewish people?
4) Name 2 major festivals Jewish people celebrate every year.

History 1.1 - Mayans
1) Name 2 of the civilizations during the Mesopotamia period.
2) Why did the Mayans build the stepped pyramid Kukuclan?
3) What does colony mean?
4) Why was Baghdad built near a river?

Computing 1.1 - Systems and Searching
1) Which of these is an output device?
2) Which of the following is managed by the computer system in a pedestrian crossing with sensors?
3) What creates an index of the web?
4) -?- explains which webpages a search engine displays.
5) -?- explains the order in which web pages are displayed.

Year 6 Term 1.1

Year 6 Term 1.1
Religious Education 1.1 - Inspirational leaders - Social Justice
1) What did Bhagat Puran Singh set up that has continued to this day?
2) How did Oscar Schindler help the Jews?
3) What did Malala Yousafzi stand up for that led her to being shot?
4) Which famous leader gave the 'I have a dream speech'?
5) Who was Mother Teresa and what is she known for?

History 1.1 - The war to end all wars - WW2
1) Who were the two prime ministers during WW2?
2) Who was the monarch during WW2?
3) What was the Holocaust?
4) What was the Blitz?

Art and Design 1.1 - The great artists and artwork
1) When was the Renaissance period?
2) Name the impressionist artist who painted the Mona Lisa.
3) When did expressionism begin?
4) Name two famous artists during the Renaissance period.

Computing 1.1 - Communication and collaboration
1) All data transferred over the internet is broken down into...
2) is an example of...
3) What happens when packets reach their destination?
4) Zara wants to share photos of a birthday party but only with the people who attended the party. Which method of communication should they use?
5) When two people collaborate online, which of these statements is correct?

Year 1 Term 1.2

Year 1 Term 1.1
Religious Education 1.2 - Christmas Story
1) What did the 3 Wise Men/Kings give as gifts to Baby Jesus?
2) In which city was baby Jesus born?
3) Who were Jesus’ parents?
4) Why do Christians celebrate Christmas?

Art & Design 1.2 - (Seaside Collage)
1) What is a collage?
2) What can you put on a collage?
3) What does overlapping mean?

History 1.2 - Homes
1) Who invented the telephone?
2) What did films not have when they first started?
3) Name music devices people used before the year 2000.
4) What is an artefact?

Geography 1.2 - Map study which includes both human and physical features
1) Where are we located in the world?
2) What are the local amenities in Rushey Mead?
3) What does island mean?
4) What is a globe?

Computing 1.2 - digital painting
1) Freehand tools are...
2) What does this tool do?
3) What do you think this tool will do?
4) How do you think this picture was made?

Year 2 Term 1.2

Year 2 Term 1.1
Religious Education 1.2 - Christianity: stories
1) What do Christians think of God as?
2) What did Jesus multiply and share among many in a Christian story?
3) In which story, did a man save two of each type of animal?

Art & Design Sculpture 1.2 - Mod Roc Animals
1) What can be made to make animal models?
2) What does texture mean?
3) What does evaluation mean?

History Significant People 1.2 - recognise the role of Princess Diana, Emmeline Pankhurst and Florence Nightingale
1) What is Florence Nightingale remembered for?
2) Who was a famous suffragette?
3) Who was Lady Diana married to?
4) What did the suffragettes change for women?
5) During which war did Florence help wounded soldiers?

Computing 1.2 - Digital Painting
1) This position of this photo is...
2) The subject in a photograph is...
3) Which of these is a way to add more light to a photograph?
4) What is the definition (meaning) of filter?

Year 3 Term 1.2

Year 3 Term 1.1
Religious Education 1.2 - Christianity
1) Why was Jesus Christ crucified?
2) Where is Bethlehem in the world?
3) What is the monarch’s position as a Christian in England?
4) What is the difference between a bishop and a priest?
5) Name 3 key features of a church

Geography 1.2 - Identify & describe characteristics of geographical areas
1) What is a region?
2) What are the Himalayas, Andes and Pyrenees types of?
3) What is arable land suitable for?
4) What does climate change mean?
5) What is deforestation?

Art & Design 1.2 - Collage
1) What is tessellation?
2) What does mixed media mean?
3) What are the origins of collage?
4) What is Background/Foreground?
5) What is a montage?

History Ancient Egyptians 1.2 - Beliefs and attitudes
1) What does immortal mean?
2) Why was the River Nile so important to Ancient Egyptians?
3) What does preserve mean?
4) When and what did Howard Carter discover?
5) What is mummification?

Computing 1.2 - Stop-frame Animation
1) What is the definition of animation?
2) The meaning of frame in animation is...
3) The meaning of onion skinning in animation is...

Year 1 Term 2.2

Year 1 Term 2.2
Year 2 Term 2.2

Year 2 Term 2.2
Year 3 Term 2.2

Year 3 Term 2.2
Year 4 Term 1.2

Year 4 Term 1.2
Religious Education 1.2 - Hinduism
1) What does Dharma mean?
2) Who are the 3 Gods in the Hindu Trimurti?
3) What is the Tridevi made up of?
4) What is Karma?
5) What does Moksha mean?

Art & Design 1.2 - Printing and painting
1) What is abstract art?
2) What is printing?
3) What is composition in art?
4) Which picture shows abstract art?
5) What features affect how realistic a picture is?

Geography 1.2 - Europe: differences/ similarities
1) What is a landform?
2) What countries make up Britain?
3) What does an ordnance map show?
4) What is the largest mountain range in Europe?
5) What is the difference between a 4 and 6 figure grid reference?

Computing 1.2 - Audio Production
1) An example of a device that has built-in input and output is...
2) good audio-recording...
3) The word export in Computing means...
4) Layering Sound is when you...
5) Removing a section of audio is called...

Year 5 Term 1.2

Year 5 Term 1.2
Religious Education 1.2 - Religious ceremonies
1) At what age do boys and girls celebrate bat and bar mitzvah?
2) Raksha Bandhan is the celebration of what?
3) Which faith and for whom is the ceremony of Amrit for?

Art & Design 1.2 - Collage: Mayan masks
1) What did the Mayans use masks for?
2) What were the masks made out of for the most special occasions?
3) For what reason did the Mayans first start wearing masks?

History 1.2 - World history compared to British history
1) In chronological order, which ages are in the correct order?
2) What is the definition of ‘settlement’?

Computing 1.2 - Video Production
1) In video production the frame is...
2) these techniques would you not use for a close-up shot?
3) A storyboard in video production is...
4) When using the filming technique ‘pan’...

Year 6 Term 1.2

Year 6 Term 1.2
Religious Education 1.2 - Inspirational leaders: Social Justice
1) In what way has Bob Geldof contributed to the welfare of others?
2) Which famous person led to a bus boycott in the 1950s?
3) Where was Nelson Mandela locked for 27 years?
4) Name two charities ran by faith groups

Art & Design 1.2 - The great artists and artwork
1) What is Cubism and who founded it?
2) Describe Surrealism in art.
3) Which American artists painted Nighthawks?
4) What is conceptual art?
5) Which category would Tracey Amin belong to?

Technology 1.2 - Silent movies
1) When silent movies were first introduced to the world?
2) How did the actors communicate with the audience?
3) What computing app can be used to create a silent film?

History 1.2 - The war to end all wars: WW2 Britain since the 1930s
1) When did Queen Elizabeth become Queen?
2) What is the Welfare State?
3) When did England win the world cup?
4) In which decade did the Falklands war occur?
5) Which social factor was instrumental in the design of the min skirt?

Computing 1.2 - Web-page Creation
1) The definition of website is...
2) HTML stands for...
3) Copyright: if you want to use someone else’s work you should...
4) The definition of hyperlink is:

Year 4 Term 2.2

Year 1 Term 2.2
Year 5 Term 2.2

Year 5 Term 2.2
Year 6 Term 2.2

Year 6 Term 2.2

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